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I'm glad you're ready to make an investment into your most precious resource: YOU!  
When we deepen our connection to Spirit-God-LOVE, this strengthens our inner power of rooted Source connection. By expanding our awareness, knowledge and support systems, we are better able to make wise choices, release negative energy attachments, and live happier lives!

Are you seeking a deeper connection? 

Coaching/Intuitive Sessions:  
$100.00 ~ hr.  /   $140.00 ~ 90 mins. / $175.00 ~ 2hrs

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  Prepay (3) sessions & receive a discount 10%

  Prepay (6) sessions & receive a discount of 15% 

 Prepay (9) sessions & receive a discount of 20% 
*   1 hr pkg Sessions:      (3) $270.00   (6) $510.00   (9) $720.00 
  *  90 min pkg Sessions:  (3) $378.00   (6) $714.00    (9) $1,008.00

For the last 25 years I have been delighted to offer health advice to anyone in need.  
I’d watch them light up at the prospect of being well, but more times than not, after investing my time and energy, the person would choose instead to remain in their state of pain or dis-ease.  It's scary to think about who you would be without your story ~ your suffering ~ your pain ~ your anger.  For most of us it's what we have known for all of our life or for a such a long time that we forgot who we were prior to this state. 

Wellness in any form can only be claimed by the person who is experiencing the imbalance. And as much as we love and care for someone who is suffering, it is their choice and their responsibility to choose health.  Suffering is a habit as much as eating the wrong foods, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking, lying, over indulgence ~~ anything that is causing you not to feel good.

People often give the responsibility of their health away to others—their doctor, their spouse, their acupuncturist, massage therapist, counselor, their reiki practitioner.  These people can offer temporary help.  This can put a bandaid on feelings for weeks, months & even years, but eventually the old pattern / energy will rear it’s head.  People blame family, friends, co-workers ect.—  but by blaming others, holding resentment, hate, you give away your own power to heal as well.  

It’s easier to blame outside circumstances for your health than to take command of your own health.  When your mental & physical health is unbalanced it is simply a sign, or you can say; 'a call for help' to heal a hurt within yourself.  Many people will hold this energy within themselves and cause so much dis-stress & suffering within the body that they manifest an illness.  Carrying guilt and shame also has a huge impact on our health mentally and physically.  You can think your fine with what was, but in fact your body may still be carrying the effects of what happened.  Another scapegoat is to stay so busy that you won’t let yourself recognize what is stressful.  If you actually stop and get quiet for a minute and ask yourself if you are truly happy, what would the answer be?  If it’s my children make me happy, or my job makes me happy, then re-ask yourself, are you truly happy within yourself.  I’m not talking about external things that you find happiness with.  I’m asking about what’s within you, without the external people or events.  

The truth is that no matter what is afflicting you, whether it’s a common cold, a deadly virus, being overweight, or underweight, irritation that someone is not doing or acting the way you feel they should be, it’s just a signal to look within yourself, it’s stuck energy that needs to be moved. YOU can change this!  I know this is a very unpopular view for most people, because we were taught how to feel and think from childhood, and we learned to blame the government, teachers, parents for our problems.  The past is long gone and if it is affecting the present, if you are still living in past emotional issues and or need to disempower old situations that are still unsolved, then you may want to set aside time for doing inner work on yourself.  This is where a intuitive guide and/or coach can help you. 

The choices you make right now, starting from this very moment, will shape your current and future health. Starting with being aware of your thoughts, and the feelings that come with your thoughts.

You can start as simple as taking a breath right now to relax. With each deep breath start telling yourself you are releasing all the old thoughts and beliefs that do not serve you. Feel your shoulders relaxing with each deep breath of life.  
Tell yourself that you are now embarking on a new journey with new thoughts of self love and love for others. We are not here to pass judgements on others, or to make them feel what we feel. Let them have their own self awareness journey. 

We are all spiritual beings no matter what age.  We are ALL here to learn the lesson of 
‘self love’ and to reconnect to our source; God. 
At reconnection we find serenity, harmony, and peace in our soul. 
We are all here to get back in touch with our heart and when we do this we bring forth compassion that we feel from God’s love.  It’s about “us” turning inward and reconnecting to our God self.

Tell yourself you are worthy of God’s infinite love that resides in every cell in your body. While taking good deep breaths know that each breath is taking in life which represents God.  Spend some time doing one thing you love to do for yourself each day because you are worth it.

Now, once you have the Mental body and Emotional body in a higher state of be-ing-ness, you now can start moving the old energy pattern out of the physical body! This is where a lot of people are stuck.  They have done their daily affirmations and tried to remain positive, but the body is still carrying the old energy patterns, energy from trauma/s that may have come from childhood and maybe even ethereally speaking (past lives and or generational pain). As a Radical Forgiveness Coach & Intuitive Spiritual Guide, I can help guide you to learn how to move this energy and be set free.  Seeing your life with a different perspective is a game changer. 
If you have a willingness and desire to open up to a new way of perceiving your life events, feeling the feelings that have been buried or continually wanting to be healed, then I can help you.  I have wonderful tools that can help you heal and Re-Connect the Mind, Body & Soul so that this journey on earth is more enriching and fun!

Wishing you abundant health, happiness and peace and looking forward to meeting you!

Marcie Newman LMT, Radical Life Coach, Energy Therapist, Reflexologist, Reconnection Therapist, Intuitive Spiritual Healer
text:  936 777-0128

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