Re-Connecting the Mind, Body, & Soul to The True Source ~ LOVE! - Vogel Crystal Light, Tesla Light, Reflexology, Energy Balancing

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Illness is not your enemy, it is a sign of imbalance either spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and/or it can stem from a generational imbalance/s.  
Everything is a vibration of energy, energy is information. By tuning into your information we can transform and integrate a new thought. It's really more simple than you can believe. 
What is happening is this energy/information - (wound) you are carrying is sending out a vibration, this vibration attracts people & things into your life, thus giving you an opportunity to transform it into the light, Divine Grace.  
We can let go of old unprocessed emotional information that keeps replaying same like energy patterns in our life.  
These unprocessed wounds if not recognized & transformed can be passed down generationally ~ lifetimes. 
This is an opportunity to heal, for tuning into your 
heart, soul and Divine God for a powerful amazingly healing method.

Lymphology Wellness & Massage is a place for you to relax, release the stresses of life and come out rejuvenated. Every treatment is balancing, energizing & healing.  
My sessions are about getting to you to feel good mentally, physically & spiritually thru connecting with Divine True Pure Source ~ Love. 

Balancing and Healing your ChakrSystem 
Beautiful Magnetic Resonance Energy! 
ARC Vogel Crystal Gem Light Therapy!
This is a GREAT tool to balance your Energy System Chakras!
Lay under the Therapeutic Colors of Light Shining through the 
Bio-Resonant ARC VOGEL CRYSTALS that are filled with 100's of Gems & Minerals from mother earth. While you begin to move into deep hypnotic relaxation, waves of energy healing come thru the magnetic light into your body. 
This resonates into every cell bringing healing energy & vibrational healing patterns that are absorbed by the Chakras and the water of your body. 
The Result is Relaxation & Rejuvenation at its Highest Levels and a renewed and revitalized Body, Mind & Spirit!

TESLA ENERGY LIGHT:  Well, it's best if you just come try it out. It is hard to put into words how great you feel. It's a wonderful healing tool for energizing your cells, and helping you feel happy & balanced. Research using the Tesla Energy light has also shown that Autistic children respond very well. It brings them into happier state of being.  Come get a re-set ~ it's wonderfully addictive! 

Intuitive Guidance & Radical Healing 2-point Therapy Coaching Sessions:  During a session, I will help guide you into deep meaning and understanding of why you are where you are and how you are perfectly fine as you are.  
This brings you back into a place of peace & balance. This is very helpful when your life feels out of control and you can't seem to find any serenity, or just feel stuck in the same pattern and want an  energy shifted, and, or clarity. 
The goal is to bring about sufficient resolution to release the emotional or physical unprocessed (wound) energy bond to the body, mind & soul and integrate new energy.  Some call it Energy Medicine. 
*Sessions are 1-hr up to 3 hrs.  $100+ 
Add-on Tesla Energy Light or ARC Vogel Crystal Light Therapy for additional $50

Coaching sessions can be added with other services that you may want; such as Cranial Sacral Therapy, Energy Work, Tesla Energy Light, and/or Vogel ARC Crystal Chakra Light Therapy.  

Hi, My name is Marcia (or Marcie)
I have over 24 years of experience with various healing modalities.  My purpose is to be used as a useful soul, in contributing something towards bringing others to a new and proud consciousness of their identity.  It is my mission that my life is with a noble cause.
I am an Intuitive Energy Healer; working with your body/mind & soul to bring you into a higher state of being-ness.  If you are open and have even a mustard seed of faith, I can be guided to what you are needing for re-balancing & help open the channels for your body to heal from within. We all have unresolved emotional baggage and sometimes we need extra help to identify, recognize and then disempower this emotional charge. You are the one actually doing the healing, I am the one helping to remove the barriers blocking your way. 

I am a Radical Forgiveness Life Coach, 1997 attuned to Master Reiki Energy Healer, 2005 -Reconnection Healer, 1998 - Certified Master Reflexologist I/II, Intuitive Transformational Energy Reader and I am Certified Massage Therapist in Canada -2002 & Texas 2010. 
My therapy sessions can include Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage, Reiki Energy Healings, Reconnection Energy Healings, MyoFascial Release, Medi-Cupping Lymphatic Drainage, Body Talk, (EFT)-Emotional Freedom Technique, the Ancient Art of Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Life Coaching Sessions, and Spiritual Guidance. I will help you go within to find your light.
I have been using Young Living Essential oils (YLO) since 1992, these beautiful oils have the intention for helping to change the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.  
During the 24 years of working in this field, I gratefully have seen remarkable changes happen with my clients.  I am a natural fixer, but your body has it's own innate knowledge and is set up to heal, we just need help in removing the blocks sometimes.  All of the tools I have invested my money and energy into are exactly what I use for myself and my family. 

"The final focus of our spiritual learning is love. The bottom line of healing is love."

All of the products are of the highest quality No Junk!  This gives your body more tools to help make the changes it needs for healing, and your mind ~ (consciousness) for your 'Awakening'.

I use only YoungLiving Oils YLO in my treatments, come learn & experience the beautiful healing qualities that they hold!
This is a natural tool that will help to keep you, your family, pets & your friends healthier!  

I worked in a clinic where I was a Thermography scan technician for several years. From the scan of the body we would offer supplements to help clear blockages. People walked out with thousands of dollars only to come back to continue with the same regiment month after month.  It got depressing watching how hopeful people got only to come back time and time again with the same problem or something similar.  While the supplements may have helped to ward off serious trouble, the fact remained most people were still suffering. They would tell me, they just didn't feel connected to their body or they had an continual uneasiness, and not happy within.  I became discouraged with the whole idea of supplements and drugs to heal the body  :-(  
But, all the information I learned was extremely helpful & which I am grateful. I then decided I wanted to learn more about the world of Energy Medicine and Healing Energy.

7 years ago I found Laminine (there are no accidents) a new client had come in to see me for a massage. I complimented her on her glow that she carried.  She told me that she had started on Laminine and also felt a inner happiness that she didn't even realize she was missing. Intrigued, I felt my inner voice saying "give it a try!"  After taking for 2 weeks, I ran out and instantly realized I was missing that deeper inner feeling of peace too. 
Healing starts from within, and Lord knows we are a dependent society on drugs, supplements, & or people to help us feel better. 
Well, this is different from any supplement I had ever experienced.  If you suffer from Anxiety, Sleepless Nights, Feelings of Uneasiness, Depression, or are Dealing with any type of Dis-Ease or just want to elevate to a higher sense of be-ing, then then give Laminine a try.  It is especially helpful to take after a treatment with me to keep your body & mind from falling back into those old thought patterns that take us to a place of di-ease / suffering.  Highly recommended to use at least (3) months religiously as the cells are dividing and mutating and this gives your body a chance to change to higher vibrational healing.  Most people find this is one supplement they continue to use especially during any type of stressful situations.  As with all supplements taking 10 day break after you have fully uploaded is recommended.

Tab on Laminine Supplement at left side of this page to listen to the doctors speak on PBS American Medical Home Journal.  
This is a Pure life essence all natural supplement that gives you that inner peace and (all is well)  feeling.  It's safe for your fur children as well as human children and actually has quicker results as they still have young stem cells available.

 I thank God, Dr. Davidson, & Dr. Eskeland for bringing into our lives. 

My focus is on providing high-quality healing modalities. No matter what session you decide on, the intention is to get you to feel better, so that you can be better!  
Thanks for visiting!

Located @  The Brownstone Office Condos
 25511 Budde Road  ~ Cameron Bldg #503
The Woodlands, Texas 77380

Text Marcie (936) 777-0128

*Hours are by Appointment Only*
  Evenings Available!

*Please give a 24 hour notice of appointment changes. 
A $50.00 fee will apply for appointments missed w/o 6hr. notice

Certified Under Texas State License #MT113845 Aug. 2011 member of ABMP @ABMP massage, Radical Forgiveness Coach and currently working on my Master Radical Forgiveness certification

 Credit Cards & Debit Cards Accepted

Remember that thoughts & words have an energy vibration.
They can create anything positive or negative and this energy from your thoughts is sent out to attract that same energy back to you and sends this same energy vibration to your body. 
Marcia Newman is licensed by the state of Texas.  
She is not a licensed medical or naturopathic professional and any suggestions made referring to any conditions or therapies offered do not take the place of treatment by a medical professional.  

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